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January 5, 2024

PTFE Sutures - Now part of our Perma Sharp™ Sutures Portfolio

PTFE is unlike anything in our offering today – the perfect marriage of monofilament and multifilament sutures, which helps leaving all the parts clinicians find challenging or annoying behind. PTFE Sutures are non-absorbable, synthetic and monofilament sutures which handle smoothly like a multifilament. They are white in color, so nice if used in aesthetic zones. Comfortable for the patient, they promotes wound healing because unlike multifilament sutures, they do not absorb blood, saliva, bacteria or food residues. MAIN POINTS OF PERFORMANCE PTFE has many features clinicians enjoy including: Non-absorbable, Monofilament but handles smoothly like a multifilament Little to no package memory Has excellent soft tissue response because the material itself is soft and smooth, minimizing tissue damage/reaction Biologically inert – not subject to weakening by tissue enzymes like absorbable materials Promotes wound healing because unlike multifilament sutures, it does not absorb blood, saliva, bacteria, or food residues. White in color, so nice if used in aesthetic zone Comfortable for the patient! Contact us for more Info: https://hufriedygroup.eu/en/perma-sharp-sutures